Saturday, 18 December 2010

a small obsession confession

I am in love with Pestemel ( Turkish towels) I first bought one eight years ago from Toast, I was heavily pregnant with my first child and part of my cravings were textures (something that has occurred with all four of my pregnancy's, has anyone else had this too?) Its lightness and softness appealed to me, and I wanted it to drape around me after a delicious warm scented bath.
Turkish Bath-Hamam Linen Towel-Peshtemal

Turkish Bath Towel-Peshtemal
Turkish Peshtemal Towel (silk and cotton)
So now I feel the need to replenish I have my eye on these lovelies from Peshte shop on Etsy, handloomed in Turkey.


  1. i could very easily become obsessed with these too.

  2. are'nt they beautiful, i see we share a love of linen.