Sunday, 25 September 2011

The storm

 The day we left a storm broke I am so glad we didnt miss it, thunder, lightening, mist, rain, hail and the electricity went down. Coming from the heat and humidity of Dammam it made me feel alive. Growing up in England I never ever expected to miss rain but I have so this was balm for my soul.

As the evening drew in everything turned in to a dreamlike world.

 A perfect end to our stay.

Al-Baha landscape

Out and about in Al-Baha I love the wilder more rugged parts.
We found blackberries, olive trees, aniseed, we didnt get much hiking done as it just isnt so much fun when you are fasting, next year I hope.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Little packages in the mail

 Ever since we moved over here my Mum has been sending us a steady stream of packages
Every one has been filled with goodies and treasures curated with love and thought
And when it arrives it makes our day.

These arrived today
Thankyou Mummy
Thankyou Grandma

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Al Jerah, Baydhan

We explored the old part of the village that the family house is in.
Followed a flock home
Found stones as white as the moon
and smelled woodsmoke from heavy carved doors.