Monday, 28 February 2011

Reviving the dying Art of Kurar.

Photos found via Kurar house photo gallery.
Kurar is a type of embroidery using gold thread, Kurar House in Bahrain has set up as a venue to revive this dying technique, providing a space for the elderly women with the knowledge of Kurar to pass it on to a younger generation.
This complicated technique requires a minium of three women working togeather to produce a kurar ribbon.


  1. This post is amazing and the photography is beautiful - did you take these photos? It's so fine and those women look so enigmatic and serious? (I wonder if they have a giggle behind closed doors?

  2. Thankyou, I wish I had taken these photos, I found them, while doing some research on the technique, tucked at the back of the photo gallery for Kurar House and just fell in love with them.

  3. Great post! It reminds me of a segment I saw from a documentary about the fashion house Chanel: an elderly lady on an old farm in France makes all the braid, which trims the suit jackets, on antique machinery in the attic of the barn! Who would guess? And who will make it when the old lady is gone?
    Thank you...
    Margaret Lambert