Monday, 4 April 2011


I thought I would share some books from my wish list which seems to be enormous and ever growing.

This book is is broad ranged compilation of middle eastern art and artists, covering over 200 artists, and covering a range of subjects such as calligraphy ,portraiture and the body, literature, music and performance, history and identity.
I love adobe architecture so here is a book that documents the restoration of an Adobe farmhouse in Saudi Arabia by Prince Sultan bin Salman Al- Saud, and discusses issues such as the place of vernacular style in modern architecture, the restoration and rebuildiung process itself, and the future of adobe in the modern world.
Travellers in Arabia uses Black and white historical pictures of well known British travellers from the last 150 years to illustrate development and history in Saudi Arabia; including photos from Wilfred Thesiger,T.E laurence and Gertrude Bell.

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  1. Beautiful looking books too. Have a great old pic of my father as a child with his family on camels in front of the pyramid the final ones reminds me of that...Maybe I should get him on of these book, know he would love that...