Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ramadan roadtrip; the house at Al-Baha

Teatro Cafe restaurant, Riyadh

Teatro cafe restaurant, Riyadh
 I must confess that I barely took any photos in Riyadh, we had our sahoor/fatoor out in a couple of restaurants, explored the city, spent time with family and made new friends.

Al-Baha was wonderful we needed the contrast.

The view from our bedroom

The view again I couldent get enough of watching the change of light

One of the reception rooms

Ceiling patterns

close up of the ceiling

majlis or reception room

the light

the room we stayed in

This fig tree is right outside our second window and every morning without fail this bird spent hours trying to get in to our room.

hours spent exploring and hunting


old treasures found

 cooler air
high altitude
wild flowers
and the sheer joy of the mountains.

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