Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Lunch with Flamingos

Its Flamingo season here in the Eastern region

We had lunch at this beautiful retaurant in Khobar corniche last weekend

With this beautiful view

And a flock of flamingos ( my camera isn't powerful enough for a real close-up sorry)

A view even my youngest could'ent miss

Not sure where I found the top image ( i have to start noting these things down!!!!) but anyone interested in birds in Saudi Arabia should take a look at this fantastic blog.


  1. Hi there, nice to meet you! (I'm a Kiwi but lived 15 years in London and many of my friends lived in Saudi Arabian) Wow, love your great to be taken to such an exotic seas on a cold Oakland morning -brilliant! Cheers, Jody

  2. Hello Nicola, thank you very much for your beautiful pictures and stories, I find your blog very interesting! I arrived to Al-Jubail 10 days ago and will be staying for about a year. My husband and I were planning a dinner at the corniche in Khobar next week end, but your pictures definitely convinced me to make it lunch, so we can enjoy the view! Thank you again for sharing the Arabian culture with your readers. Solene

  3. Jody-About Last Weekend, Thankyou Im glad you liked them, where about in London where you based?

    Solene-Regia en Exilio, Welcome to KSA I hope you both have a lovely lunch let me know if you find the flamingos.