Saturday, 22 January 2011


Lots of things to do

We pressed lots of buttons.

Lots of things to try

A wonderful Aqarium

Experimenting with creating dams

a view of the Atrium from the cafe

Last weekend we went to Sci-tech museum at Khobar corniche, its a favourite with our family. There is also an Imax cinema. This time we brought home a telescope so I'm now on the look out for a decent star map relevant to us if anyone knows where I can get one please let me know?

By the way if you have any Dinosaurs fans in your family sci-tech will be having a dinosaur exhibition from the 8th of February in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London.
Well we went to see the exhibition yesterday only to be told there is no dinosaur exhibit, and that actually it was last year so I must apologise to anyone who went. Sorry. It seems Sci-tech hasn't updated their English website for a year. Next time I will call to check anything up and coming , we were all so disappointed.

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