Monday, 9 May 2011

Dreaming of ......

' White Marble channels with rapid clear streams of water cross the garden in many directions; and the air in them is fraught with the scent of oranges, roses and Arabian jasmine, whose thick shade forms an agreeable contrast with the burning atmosphere surrounding them. In the centre of the largest garden, nearest the house, is a most pleasant golphor (reception room or pavillion) built a considerable distance from the ground. The floors, wall and window seats are lined with chinese tiles of lively colours; the windows are placed around it, through which honeysuckles, orange flowers and jasmine make their way. The shrubs reflect through them everywhere the most lively green and fill the whole with the richest perfume. '

Miss Tullys description of the Tripolian Ambassador Hadji Abderrahmans garden 1780s

Can I translate the essence of this into our little space?....

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