Friday, 27 May 2011

The wonderful Freya Stark

Dubbed 'the last of the romantic travellers'  she was an extraordinary women. I am currently reading her, The southern Gates of Arabia; A journey in the Hadhramaut, I have always been facinated by Yemen beautiful, harsh and mysterious.

By the way is anyone else having trouble leaving comments with Google ID?


  1. Yes, she was a quite remarkable woman! A great traveller & explorer, she was the first western woman to venture into many remote parts of the Middle East-and on her own! All of her travel books are well worth reading-the earlier hardback editions also contain her wonderful photographs.
    I have a wealth of material about Dame Freya if you ever want to delve deeper into her fascinating life.
    All good wishes,

  2. P.S.Wherever did you find the shot of her with the case of Johnnie Walker?! Superb.